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Tips & Tricks on Creating Courses

Text Content & Editing in Markdown
  • See the link above for tips on how to edit with Markdown. Create content the way you want to display for your audience using this editor tool.
  • Create headers, add in links, images, etc.
  • Ordering a list with numbers: use 1\. 2\. 3\. etc, when numbering your content.
Previewing a Course
  • While creating a modules within a course, you can preview the course at any time.
  • Two options: Click the Preview button at the bottom of the Course Editor screen, or select the three dots to the right of a course & select Preview Course.
  • Remember, modules make up courses, and courses make up your track. You can have several different courses in 1 track to assign to providers or athletes.
  • You can edit your track at any time, by clicking on the three dots to the right of the track & selecting Edit.
Inserting an Image
  • If you have a specific image you'd like to insert within the text content
  • Select the upload image button and upload, we recommend then previewing the content as well

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