Customizing Follow Up Services

Customizing Follow Up Services

This tutorial will walk you through how you can customize your follow up services with different Healthcare Organizations, Providers, Services, and Facilities so that you and your athletic trainers can document follow up services for athletes. Once this is completed all of those options will be available to choose from when entering in an athlete’s follow up services

Video Tutorial:

Step-By-Step Tutorial:
  1. Click on your Admin tab on the left side of your screen
  2. Click on Follow-Up Services
  3. To add a new healthcare organization, click on Healthcare Organizations
  4. Click on Add Healthcare Organization
  5. Type in the name and click Update

How to Add a New Provider

  1. To add a new provider, click on Providers
  2. Click on Add Provider
  3. Type in their information and then click Update (the minimum information needed is name and healthcare organization)
Capture 2.png

How to Add a Service

  1. To add a new service, click on “Services”
  2. Click “Add Service”
  3. Type in the information and click “Update”

How to Add a Service

  1. To add a facility, click “facilities”
  2. Select the correct healthcare organization for the new facility
  3. Click “Add Facility”
  4. Fill in the information and click “Update”

How to Lock-Down Healthcare Provider Referral List

This step-by-step tutorial will walk you through the process of creating restrictions for your non-admin providers in regards to what new Healthcare Organizations, Providers and Facilities that they are able to add when creating a follow-up service.

  1. Sign in to your Healthy Roster account and go to the ‘Admin’ section.
    Scrennshot .5.png
  2. Go to ‘Follow-up Services’
    Scrennshot 2.png
  3. Click on ‘Restrictions’
    Scrennshot 3.png
  4. Check the boxes that you would like to lock down
    Scrennshot 4.5.png

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