Creating a Form and Document Type Based Off Conditional Variables

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Creating a Form and Document Type Based Off Conditional Variables

At times, you will want to create a document that is responsive to variables beyond our system flow. An example would be a Medical History; all Incoming Athletes and Transfer Athletes will need to complete a completed medical history, but Returning Athletes would need a medical history update.

Video Tutorial:

00:00: Hi, this is Nikki from healthy roster. This tutorial is going to walk you through how to set conditional variables on forms at times. You might need to create a document that is more responsive to separate variables. This tutorial will show you how to do that. 00:14: My example is set on a medical history oftentimes an incoming or transfer student athlete will need a more exhaustive medical history that exhaustive medical history is not necessary to be completed again, so we will set the conditions based off of this question. To set the condition. We need to gather values for the question itself. We're going to select the setting icon for the question that will trigger your conditionals. 00:39: Here you will see the label for my select box component is select one. The options for selection are incoming slash transfer student athlete or returning athlete to the right of those labels. You will see the value the value needs to be copied and pasted or written down exactly as it sits within this location. 01:02: First I'm going to set my returners conditions to do so hover over the area. You need to condition and select the setting icon. 01:12: You will see I am going to trigger an entire well component. to condition off of the response now select conditional 01:21: Now let's review the simple conditional. This component should display true meaning it will show when the form component which is select one has the value and what value do I want it to trigger? This is for a returning athlete where I will paste exactly the value for my select option. 01:41: Once you've set the conditional select save 01:45: Now let's repeat the steps to set my condition for my incoming or returning athlete select the setting icon. 01:52: Select conditional 01:55: And again set your simple condition to display true when the question has the value. 02:03: Now select save to save this conditional. 02:07: Once you have completed form creation or set those conditionals on an edited form select save to save and apply those changes to this forum. 02:16: The Next Step will be ensuring that you have a document type Associated to assign to the profiles here. You will see I have a document type in my form from the formula is selected. 02:28: Now let's view those conditionals that we've said on the end View for the patient profile. 02:34: Here you will see is my conditioned question. Let's view the changes when my athlete selects that they're an incoming slash transfer student athlete. 02:43: You will see once I've selected incoming slash transfer student athlete the appropriate information requested is going to show for that athlete this medical history that you're seeing is rather extensive because they are an incoming slash transfer student athlete. 02:59: Now let's review how our condition will show when we select returning athlete. 03:04: He will know that while selecting returning athlete the condition is now showing appropriately only the information requested for the returning athlete is showing. 03:13: If you have questions or need more help, please visit the help tab on the last navigation or reach us directly at help at

Step-By-Step Instructions:
  1. Navigate to the form you wish to set conditions on
  2. Create your conditional question, the question that will trigger the response
  3. Copy or make note of the Vales for the response options, these values will be the trigger for the condition
  4. Create the item you'd like triggered. In this example I am going to set my condition on a Well, within the Well I have specific additional questions. With the item settings open select conditional
  5. Set the simple conditional to trigger how you'd like:
  • This component should Display: True = Show, False = not show
  • When the form component: Select the triggering question
  • Has the value: Insert the value exactly as it appears on the triggering question
  1. Select Save
  2. Repeat as necessary if there are more conditionals or form edits. Select Save to save the form
  3. Create a document type if you have not done so already
We recommend testing your conditionals on a test organization to ensure they are working properly before assigning to patient profiles

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