Adding & Removing Users from a Chat Group (Web)

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Adding and Removing Users From a Group Chat - 2.0

Video Tutorial:

00:00: Hi this is Nikki from healthy roster and this tutorial is going to show you how to add or remove members from a Care Group on web chat 00:08: To begin navigate to the message tab on the left hand navigation 00:13: You will now see a list of your recent groups as well as your recent messages under the recent groups you can select the group if it is visible there or you can select view all 00:24: You will now see a listing of all of your group chats in the search bar you can type the name of this group or if you see it you can select a three dots to the right 00:34: Because we want to add or remove members we're going to then select members 00:39: This page will show you all the individuals that belong to this group messaging to add a new member select add 00:46: Once you've selected add you can add a member or choose to add a whole directory 00:51: If you've selected to add a member you will then see a list of contacts that you can select from as a note you will only see contacts that have accepted their healthy roster invitation and have an active account select the user you'd like to add 01:06: Select this option 01:09: If you've selected at a directory you will now see an option to add from your directories each independent organization has its own directory you will then see a listing below how many members are within each organization or directory select what you'd like to add 01:25: If you then need to remove access for an individual on a group chat select the three dots to the right of their profile and select remove 01:35: Select ok to confirm 01:38: If you have questions or need more help please visit the help tab on the left navigation or reach us directly at help and

Step-By-Step Tutorial: ADDING MEMBERS
  1. Select Messaging on the left navigation
  2. Under the first column titled Recent Groups, select View All
  3. Select the three dots to the right of the organization and select Members
  4. To add a member to this chat select Add
  5. You are able to add from the directory or a member
  6. If adding a member select from the contact list. If adding a directory select from the directory list.

Step-By-Step Tutorial: REMOVING MEMBERS
  1. Complete steps 1-3 above
  2. Select the three dots to the right of the member you wish to remove and select Remove
  3. Confirm member removal by selecting OK

Adding and Removing Members From a Group Chat - Legacy

Video Tutorial
Step-By-Step Tutorial
  1. Log in to your Healthy Roster account and select the Messaging icon on the left side of your navigation bar
    Share and Attach Files in a Web Chat 1.png
  2. Select the group you want to add a member to
    Groups Direct Messages options web chat 2.png
  3. Click on the settings icon at the top right side of your screen
    Screenshot 1.png
  4. Select Add Members
    Screenshot 2.png
  5. You have the option to add contacts or add directories - select which is appropriate to your needs
    Screenshot 3.png
  6. Select add next to the contacts or the directories that you would like to add to this group messaging and then click Done
Screenshot 5.png

  1. Complete steps 1-3 from the above process and then click on the remove button next to the name of the contact you would like to remove
    Screenshot 6.png
  2. To confirm this click on remove member
Screenshot 7.png

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