Injury Hotline

Injury Hotline Flow

Please note that pieces of this feature are customizable to your environment and will be reviewed with you during the onboarding process.

How To Answer The Injury Hotline

  1. The call is placed to the Provider(s) who are assigned to the organization. If call priority #1 is unable to answer, the call will filter to #2, and so on.
  2. The Provider answers the call and begins communication with the patient. From here, the Provider can move this to a video chat by clicking *2 on their keypad.
  3. Clicking *2 will then send the Provider and the patient a text with a link to click. Once each party has received the text, hang up the hotline call & click the link in the text.
Please confirm with the patient that they have recieved the text message then instruct the patient to hang up the call before clicking on the link. If they experience an issue then please call back and repeat the steps.
  1. Video chat will begin once both parties click the link.

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