Form Builder - Tips & Tricks

Form Builder - Tips & Tricks

The Formatted Content option within the form builder is the HTML Editor. This setting is utilized for creating titles on forms, paragraphs, etc. Below are some tips and tricks on how to customize your content with this tool.

Admin Only Feature
Formatted Content (HTML Editor)
  • Bold = <b>ExampleTextHere</b>
  • Italicized = <i>ExampleTextHere</i>
  • Underlined = <u>ExampleTextHere</u>
  • Header 1 = <H1>ExampleTextHere</H1>
  • Header 2 = <H2>ExampleTextHere</H2>
  • Centered = <center>ExampleTextHere</center>
  • Create a Link = <a href="" target="_blank">text</a>
  • Create a Logo = <img src="URL" width="400" height="95">
  • Paragraph = <p>ExampleTextHere</p>
  • Bulleted List =


<li>Item 1</li>  

<li>Item 2</li>  

<li>Item 3</li>


  • Numbered List =


<li>Item</li> <li>Item</li> <li>Item</li>


  • For more ideas on how you can format content using HTML, you can visit this link.
Testing/Viewing a Form
  • Create a "Forms Test Organization" and "Test Athlete" to assign your new document type to
  • Complete the form to test, and test any conditionals that were applied within the form builder
  • Make the form mandatory to see the alerts the end-user will see if this setting is applied
Saving Drafts and Making Edits
  • When creating a new form, you can click "save" at the bottom of the page at any time, and return to that form to make further edits.
  • Your form will save a draft in the Recent Forms section in the form builder that you can return to at any time.
Layout - Columns
  • WIDTH: Total is 12," we suggest to decide how many columns you want, then make the total widths equal 12.
  • PULL: Moves the column element to the left without affecting other content.
  • PUSH: Moves the column element to the right without affecting other content.
  • OFFSET: Moves the column element to the left or right and affects other content. 
Copy/Paste Functionality
  • All components can be copied and pasted into a new location select the middle icon
  • To paste select the paste icon (second icon from left)

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