Healthy Roster Terminology

Overview of User Types

Welcome to Healthy Roster! Before you dive into all of our tutorials and walkthroughs, we wanted to introduce you to some of the terminology we use in our platform.

  • Organizations are made up of any schools or clubs that you provide care for. Depending on how many athletic trainers you have and how many Organizations you cover, you may have some ATs assigned to some Organizations and not others, or all ATs assigned to all Organizations.
  • Teams are optional and they divide up a group of athletes so a coach can access them; once a team is created you can add athletes directly to it or you can individually assign athletes to a team.
  • Athletes are the students/patients you provide care for.

These divisions are important because they help control the level of access users in the system have and help organize your athletes.

Care Circle Permission Levels:

In Healthy Roster, we consider everyone who has an impact on an athlete’s healthcare the athlete’s Care Circle. The Care Circle can be made up of provider users, organization level users, team users and athlete level users.

CareCircle_graphic-01 (1).jpg
  • Provider User: a medical professional covered under HIPAA who will document injury information in Healthy Roster. As a provider user, you have full access to the platform for any athlete you cover. When you sign a contract with Healthy Roster, you generally pay per provider user.
    • Admin Provider User: An admin provider user has access to extra customization features
    • Account Owner: This is the person who set up your Healthy Roster account; they are also an admin provider user
  • Users: Any non-healthcare provider in Healthy Roster. There are a few different levels of Users:
    • Athlete Level Users: Can only view health information for a particular athlete; other than the Primary User, this may include the Athlete’s primary care physician, physical therapist, etc.
      • Primary User: the Athlete or the person who can make legal medical decisions for the Athlete (generally a parent or guardian); has the ability to add or remove other Users to the specific Athlete’s profile
    • Team Level Users: Can view health information for athletes on a particular team; generally a coach
    • Organization Level Users: Organization level users can view Athletes in an organization. Examples include Athletic Directors, School Nurses, or a Strength and Conditioning coach.

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