Adding Additional Notes To Current Incident Reports

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Adding Additional Notes To Current Incident Reports - 2.0

Video Tutorial:

00:00: Hi this is Nikki from healthy roster and this tutorial is going to walk you through scheduling an item through the schedules tab you are able to now schedule events encounters or referrals via the schedules tab 00:13: From any page within healthy roster you can of course select schedules from the left hand navigation from the dashboard page like you see here. You can also open schedules via the dashboard. 00:24: To schedule an event or an encounter select the general vicinity on the calendar. 00:29: You are then able to add an event or an encounter. I'm first going to show you how to add an encounter. 00:35: After you've selected add encounter you will then be prompted to select the provider you are scheduling this encounter with 00:41: In the search bar type your patient's name you can also click directly on the patient's name 00:47: Now input the details of this encounter because you've done this via the schedules tab scheduled encounter will automatically be checked. This item needs to continue to be checked. Should it show on your schedules tab? 00:59: Next answer background questions if you have them set for your account 01:03: Will then need to associate a problem if this is not proper related check the box you will then be prompted to input additional information if you'd like 01:12: Conversely if this is problem related select the plus button to add the problem 01:17: Here you will see you're able to link an existing or add a new I'm going to link an existing problem 01:23: The existing problems for this patient will now populate check the box to add the problem and select ok 01:30: Then you will want to select the plus button to add the services that you've rendered 01:34: Once you've added your services you can add in your notes by selecting the plus button next to notes 01:39: You can also add an attachments at this time if you so choose 01:43: Click ok to save this encounter 01:46: He will now be navigated back to your schedule's tab where you will see the encounter that you've created on your schedule. 01:52: Now let's review adding an event click on the general area on the schedule and select add event. 01:58: Now select the events organization 02:01: Now input the details of your event and select okay to save. 02:05: He will then be navigated back to your schedules tab where you can see the event. You've just created. 02:11: This guide covered the process of scheduling treatments in Healthy Roster. From accessing the dashboard to selecting the provider, patient, and encounter details, you learned how to efficiently schedule appointments. Additionally, you explored how to link existing encounters and select exercise types. Improve your workflow with these instructions.

Step-By-Step Tutorial:
  1. Login to your Healthy Roster account, and select the Organizations tab on the left-hand navigation
  2. Select your desired Organization
  3. Select Active Problems
  4. Click the three dots to the right of the injury, then select Edit Incident Report
  5. Select the + sign to the right of the Notes section
  6. Select the Note Type
  7. Enter your note and select OK

How To Add Additional SOAP Notes To Current Incident Reports - Legacy

Updating an athlete injury can include adding follow up SOAP notes to a current incident report. There are many ways to navigate the system to reach a current incident report for an athlete. The steps below are an efficient and quick way to reach the incident report to add a new SOAP note.
Video Tutorial:
Step-By-Step Tutorial:
  1. Log in to your Healthy Roster account, and select the Organizations tab on the left navigation
  2. Select the Organization. This route you directly to the Active Injury list, which houses the athletes with current injuries & incident reports
  3. Locate and click on the athlete. This routes you to the current incident report for this athlete.

Please note: if you do not have an incident report documented for the injury, clicking the athlete name here will take you to a new incident report to create.

  1. You are now on the current incident report. Scroll to the SOAP note section and click + Add SOAP Note
  2. When finished, click Save SOAP Note at the bottom
  1. There are several different pieces of the incident report that you can edit, or add on to. Make further edits as needed, then click Save Incident Report at the bottom of the page

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