Adding SOAP Notes To Current Incident Reports

How To Add Additional SOAP Notes To Current Incident Reports

Updating an athlete injury can include adding follow up SOAP notes to a current incident report. There are many ways to navigate the system to reach a current incident report for an athlete. The steps below are an efficient and quick way to reach the incident report to add a new SOAP note.
Video Tutorial:
Step-By-Step Tutorial:
  1. Log in to your Healthy Roster account, and select the Organizations tab on the left navigation
  2. Select the Organization. This route you directly to the Active Injury list, which houses the athletes with current injuries & incident reports
  3. Locate and click on the athlete. This routes you to the current incident report for this athlete.

Please note: if you do not have an incident report documented for the injury, clicking the athlete name here will take you to a new incident report to create.

  1. You are now on the current incident report. Scroll to the SOAP note section and click + Add SOAP Note
  2. When finished, click Save SOAP Note at the bottom
  1. There are several different pieces of the incident report that you can edit, or add on to. Make further edits as needed, then click Save Incident Report at the bottom of the page

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