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Advanced Editor Components Explained

Advanced components will allow you to customize your forms in a multitude of ways.

  1. Label: Used to describe the content you are requesting. This field is required.
    1. Hide Label: Hides the label from the end-user if checked.
  2. Placeholder: Placeholder text appears in the box until the end-user types in the input area.
  3. Description: Description text that will appear below the input area.
  1. Input Mask: Indented to help the end-user by ensuring a proper input format
    1. 9: Numeric (Ex: Phone Number (999)-999-9999)
    2. A: alphabetical
    3. *: alphanumeric
Using a text box from the editor tools will allow you to use pre-populated data fields
  1. Prepopulated Data Fields: Selecting from this dropdown will ensure data you already have in Healthy Roster is being pulled onto the document
Note: If you've selected a prepopulated Data Field you can also select to auto-update on approval to update the patient profile.
  1. Required: Selecting this checkbox will ensure that the end-user is required to complete the requested content prior to completing the form.
  1. Property Name: this value will allow your to complete calculations on your form if necessary.
  1. Simple Conditional's: Conditionals may be used to elaborate on a primary condition. In this instance, I have a YES/NO question where I would like the end-user to provide me more information if they select yes, if the end-user selects no, the box will not populate on their screen.
    1. The conditional in this instance must be set to the text field added. For a conditional to populate you will need to input:
      1. The component should display "true", when the question you are asking, has the value "yes"
      The value should be noted when you are setting up the initial question, it will need to be typed in the conditional box exactly as it appears during the initial question set up.

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