View/Edit Account Settings

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View/Edit Account Settings

All Users within Healthy Roster will have the ability to view and edit their Account Settings; options specific to the Schedules, such as Availability and Schedule Preferences, are specific to the Provider User.

Video Tutorial:

00:00: This is Niki from Healthy Roster. And this tutorial is going to walk you through viewing or editing the account settings as a note all users within healthy roster will have the ability to view and edit their account settings options that are specific to schedule such as availability and schedule preference are specific to the provider user. 00:18: First login to healthy roster on the desktop in the upper right-hand corner, you will notice an initial icon select that 00:27: Now select your profile. 00:30: The first section to edit or review is the account information here. You can input an image for your profile if you so choose. If you are the account owner, you will not be able to edit your email rather. You will need to reach out directly to help at healthy This profile that I'm using in this demonstration is in an account owner, which you will see here. If you are not the account owner, this is the location where you will also be able to edit or change your email to edit and view the additional information in this section c below. 01:01: The next option to review under your account settings is the ability to manually change your password from this location. Click this button to enable a password reset. 01:11: The next section is availability. If you're a provider user you'll be able to see and view your calendars and set your availability for them. We do recommend reviewing our help docs on the cell scheduler as we detail this section extensively in those training materials. 01:26: Now let's review account preferences. 01:29: If you'd like to change the general theme or color combo of your account select the theme drop-down and select your desired option. I'm going to select healthy roster dark. 01:40: Next edit or view your default page size. This page size will affect all list views other than that of the global search or the all patients page these two locations will only show 10 results at a time. 01:54: Next edit or view your notification preferences making changes as appropriate. 02:00: Next reference your schedule preferences such as the start time and end time. Please again review the additional help docs that are linked to the self scheduler. 02:10: If you've made changes to your account settings information ensure that you've selected save before navigating away. 02:17: If you have questions or need more help, please visit the help tab on the left navigation or reach us directly at help at healthyroads.

Step-By-Step Tutorial:
  1. Login to your Healthy Roster Account
  2. Select your initial icon in the upper right-hand corner
  3. Click on your profile
  4. View/Edit the Account Information
  5. Change your password
  6. View/Edit your availability
For more information please reference: Self-Scheduling - Setting Provider Availability

  1. View/Edit the account preferences such as the Theme as well as the Default Page size
Theme: Healthy Roster Classic is our default view, changing the default view on the web will not change the default view on the app, that has to be done independently

Default Page Size: The default page size will affect all list views other than that of the Global Search as well as the All Patients Page, these two locations will show 10 results at a time.
  1. View/Edit Notification Preferences
  2. View/Edit Schedule Preferences
  3. Select Save if you've made changes to the Account Settings

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