Advanced Editing in Reporting

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Advanced Editing in Reporting

You are now able to manipulate the report and export it to match your needs. The edits you make to this screen will not save to the report once you navigate away; the report configuration page is the final result of recurring reporting.

Video Tutorial:

00:00: Hi this is Nikki from healthy roster and this tutorial will walk you through advanced editing when you're working to manipulate the reporting view prior to export please note that the edits you make on the report view page will not save once you navigate away 00:14: To quickly sort a column hover over the column name and select the sort Arrow conversely select the arrow again to deselect this word 00:23: Now we will review all of the column parameters that you're able to edit by selecting the three dots to the right of the column 00:29: To pin a column select pin column to the left or to the right this action will then cause the pin column to always be visible as you navigate through other columns conversely to unpin check the three dots and unpin 00:43: Now let's apply a filter to columns from the three dots select filter 00:49: Once you've determined the column you're applying a filter toward you need to input the value that you're looking for on your reporting end View because I'm looking at injury types I would like to see all of my individuals that have concussions over anything else I'm going to input concussion as my value 01:07: You will now see that only concussions are showing as that is my filter item to unfilter select the filter item again 01:15: And remove all 01:19: To add grouping select group by and the column name 01:23: To grouping will then be applied this will group data into collapsible fields that you can open or close as necessary 01:30: To stop grouping select the column Three Dots and stop grouping by column name 01:36: To hide a column that's not pertinent for this report select hide column 01:42: Conversely if you hidden a column and you'd like to add it back select manage column 01:48: The hidden column will be denoted by a gray toggle unhide toggle on 01:55: Now let's aggregate data I'm going to select the sum for my unit cost as my aggregation filter 02:04: You will then see that your unit cost is being aggregated by the sum with the sum being listed at the bottom of the columns on the report View 02:13: If you have questions or need more help please visit the help tab on your left navigation or reach us directly at

Step-By-Step Tutorial:
  1. To quickly sort, hover next to the column name and select the sort arrow
  1. To edit column parameters, select the three dots to the right of the column
  • To pin columns: select pin the column to the left or right. This action will cause the pinned column always to be visible as you navigate through the other columns

  • To add additional filtering: select Filters and input a value
    • For example: If you want to see only one problem type, you can add the filter to show only those with that problem type
  • To add Grouping: select "Group By COLUMN NAME". This will group your data into a collapsible field
  • To stop grouping: Select the three dots to the right of the group and click "Stop Grouping By Column Name"
  • To hide a Column: Select Hide Column
  • To unhide or manage columns: Select Manage Columns and toggle on (orange) or toggle off (grey) columns
  • To apply an aggregation: Select aggregation and select what you'd like to quantify, the report view will now show the aggregation

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