How to Complete a Document (Web)

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Parent/Athlete Document Completion

Parents/Athlete can complete assigned documents via the web platform or App

  1. Parents/Athletes will receive an email as well as a notification through Healthy Roster that a document has been assigned/is expired or expiring
  1. You will want to navigate to the Athletes Documents Tab and select the document that is missing/awaiting signature/expiring or expired. Next, select three dots to the right of the document to determine actions you may take.

  1. If the form requires a signature, draw your signature in the designated grey box. If the document requires more than one signature check with your Athletic Trainer on how they would like you to proceed or follow this HelpDoc explaining Form Builder Signatures.
Your document may have a different signature function, Signing a Document will detail how to sign your document if so.
  1. Once your signature’s are complete you will select “Submit”
  2. Next, you will set the permissions for the document. Once complete select "Update Permissions"
  3. Your document will now populate to a new category, "Athlete Documents"

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