Understanding the Document Summary Report

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Document Summary Report - 2.0

Video Tutorial:

00:00: Hi this is Nikki from healthy roster and this tutorial will better help you understand the functionality behind the document summary report the document summary report should be thought of as the command center for all documents once they're active within patients accounts regardless of their status let's first review how to navigate there and then we will discuss the specifics 00:19: To begin select the document tab on the left navigation 00:23: Now select summary to navigate directly to the document summary tab if you're not already there 00:29: You will now see a breakdown of all of the document types for your account and their current status click on the name of the document you like to review 00:39: You will now be routed to that independent document types summary report let's review a few things on this page at the top you will see the title of the document type that's under review next above missing in this example you will see a down arrow this allows you to sort the column in ascending or descending order next where you see organizations listed this is a scrollable or clickable listing of your assigned organizations 01:07: If you'd rather you can sort your report by selecting the oval boxes below the search bar as well here you'll see you're able to sort by status of the document type 01:17: Or sort by the organization's assigned to this document type 01:21: There are various actions that you're able to complete when you're on the document summary report let's review them first when you see the file that means you can open this document and review it 01:32: The next action is a filled in circle with a white check mark this is to approve the document 01:39: Conversely if you'd like to reject the document you can select the prohibition sign 01:45: If you've selected to reject the document you will input a reason for the rejection select OK this will deliver notification to the user why their document was rejected and push a new notification for them to complete the new document 01:59: You are also able to edit the details of this completed document to do so select edit 02:05: The edit screen will open a modal box here you're able to edit the document type expiration date access for this document and the description select OK when you're done editing 02:17: Additionally you will find that you're able to approve all of the needs review documents you can also export this item 02:26: If you have selected to approve all you will need to confirm the approval 02:31: Lastly if you'd like you are able to hide the visualization of this document summary report select the arrow above the pie chart 02:41: If you have questions or need more help please visit the help tab on your left navigation or reach us directly at help@healthyroster.com

Step-By-Step Tutorial
  1. Select the document tab
  2. Select Summary
  3. You will now see a breakdown of each document type within your account
  4. Click on the particular document you'd like to address from this page
  5. You are able to filter further and adjust the report view
    1. Sort via Document status:
    2. Sort via Organization
  6. You're also able to complete various actions from this page :
    1. Open:
    2. Approve:
    3. Reject:
    4. Edit:
    Edit will allow you the ability to edit the expiration date. Editing from this location will not navigate you away to another screen, rather this is a way of mass changing expiration dates
  7. If you'd like to approve all pending documents at once you will select Approve all, next to the export key

Document Summary Report

Document Summary Report
When visiting the Athlete’s documents tab, uploaded documents that need reviewed will immediately display as needing reviewed so the provider user can review from this screen.
Step-By-Step Tutorial
  1. Sign in to your Healthy Roster account and go to your ‘Documents’ tab
    Pic 1.png
  2. Click ‘Document Summary Report’
  3. You will now see the status of each document type that is created within your account
    1. Document Type is listed on the left, and you can view how many documents are expiring, expired, needs review, missing, or awaiting signatures.
  4. Filter through the status’ of the documents with the filter options at the top of the page

TIP - You can update expiration dates individually for athlete documents through the Document Summary Report. Follow the steps listed above, and click on the expiration date field to edit as needed.

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