What is Datalys - Sports Injury Research

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What is Datalys - Sports Injury Research

Healthy Roster is officially certified as a Datalys Center-compatible EMR, which means our college-setting customers can easily take part in the NCAA Injury Surveillance Program! We think this initiative is such an important way to enhance the care for college student-athletes, and we’re excited to introduce an incredibly easy way to take part in this program without adding time to your workflow. With our integration, there’s no double entry - everything is done from within the Incident Report you’re already creating for an Injury or Illness!

The NCAA ISP is a data collection initiative designed to track and analyze medical illnesses and injuries that result from sport participation. Since 1982, athletic trainers have collaborated with the NCAA to create the largest collegiate sports injury database program in the world. Today, the NCAA Sport Science Institute partners with the Datalys Center, an independent non-profit research organization, to manage the ISP and to help inform injury prevention policies and practices in college sport. With your school’s help, the ISP can provide evidence-based knowledge to help understand associations between sport participation and illness/injury, thereby enhancing injury prevention practices, risk-management decisions, athletic health care delivery and ultimately, the quality of student-athlete care at all NCAA schools.

If you are not currently partnered with Datalys and you interested in signing up visit: https://datalyscenter.org/index.php

If you are currently using DATALYS and want to connect it to your Healthy Roster account please contact help@healthyroster.com and provide us with your Datalys ID!

Visit here to view the process of submitting to Datalys.

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