Treatment Kiosk Mode (Android)

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Treatment Kiosk Mode (Android)

We understand how hectic an Athletic Trainer's training facility can be, which is why we've created Treatment Kiosk Mode. When an Athletic Trainer enters this mode, their device will be “locked down” so the only thing someone else can do is enter another treatment.

This means you can safely and securely have your athletes enter their own treatments into the system while you perform them to cut down on time. Once you're done, you're able to go back and approve each logged treatment one-by-one to make sure they're correct. We want you to spend more time treating your athletes rather than documenting. 

Video Tutorial

Step-By-Step Tutorial - Screen Pinning and Treatment Kiosk Mode
  1. Once logged into Healthy Roster App and click on "more at the bottom right of your screen.
  2. Click on "Treatment kiosk mode"
  3. If you do not currently have screen pinning activated, a message will pop up telling you to do so. Those instructions are included below.
    1. Go to your device security settings
    2. In your security settings, scroll to the bottom of the page for “other security settings” or “advanced settings” and click on that
    3. On a Samsung device, scroll to “pin windows” and turn that on. On a Google device, such as a Pixel, this will say “screen pinning” instead of “pin windows.”
    4. Next, turn on “ask for a pin before unpinning.”
    5. This will enable a security feature which is very important.
    6. To exit screen pinning mode, you will have to enter your device pin. If you have a face ID or touch ID set up on your device, that will work here as well
    7. Now, select your recent apps button and click on the pin icon and then select “start”. Now screen pinning mode is enabled.
    8. Tap the back arrow until you’ve returned to the Healthy Roster app.
  4. Once you are finished you will not be able to exit treatment kiosk mode using the “x” in the top right of the screen. When you are ready to exit treatment kiosk mode you will first have to exit screen pinning mode.
  5. To exit screen pinning mode, tap the recent apps option to get instructions on how to exit this feature.
  6. Once you hit the exit screen pinning mode, you will be instructed to enter your device’s pin number.
  7. Then select “exit treatment kiosk mode”

Step-By-Step Tutorial - Reviewing and Approving Pending Treatments
  1. Once logged into Healthy Roster App and click on "more at the bottom right of your screen.
  2. Click on " Review Pending Treatments"
  3. Swipe left to deny
  4. Swipe right to approve
  5. If a treatment requires a background question, you will be prompted to edit the treatment before you can approve

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