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When an entry is made into Healthy Roster, the data is not saved on your computer or mobile device. Instead, it is saved on a HIPAA Compliant server that is likely in a different time zone than where you are. The timestamp initially shown is often a little ahead or behind the current time where you are. 

Each evening, we update our database to display your activity with the proper time zone accurately, so your reporting is accurate. Inside of your settings (under the "Edit Profile" section in the top right of the webpage), there is a time zone setting. This tells us how far backward or ahead to correct the timestamp. 

With this daily update, any timestamps that look incorrect today will change overnight and will be corrected tomorrow and will reflect properly on your reports. You may want to share this info with your staff. Lastly - if anyone has concerns, ask them to check last week's treatments and check the timestamp - they should see that they have been updated.

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