Self Scheduling - Frequently Asked Questions

Self Scheduling - Frequently Asked Questions

Coming soon to Healthy Roster 2.0
What is the schedule URL?

The URL will also be available in a few locations:

Note: you can also copy the URL with the copy icon
  • Edit Calendar (Admin/Account owner) only
  • Provider Calendar Availability:
How do I create a QR code to share with patients?

You can take the URL and create your own QR code. We frequently would recommend to create your code!

Can I schedule recurring exceptions?

No, exceptions are not intended for standing blocks of time. Rather, we would suggest building your availability around the exception. Example: Block 1 - 9 AM - 12 PM, Block 2 - 1 PM - 5 PM

Can I override the overbooking?

Yes, the provider's individual availability and booking will set the override for the default calendar settings

How do I reschedule/cancel a scheduled appointment as the provider?

If you need to cancel the encounter, simply delete the created encounter. If you plan to move or change the assigned provider for the encounter, open the encounter and change the details. As a note, changing the date of an encounter will deliver a new email to the provider as well as the patient.

How do I reschedule/cancel a scheduled appointment as the patient?

You will want to reach out directly to the provider and request a change

I am not showing as an available provider for the schedule

This often infers that you did not set up your availability for the organization or that you are not assigned to the organization that is utilizing the schedule.

The scheduling feature is reachable via a standard URL. You can use the link or if you wish to make it easier, we recommend using a standard QR code generator

Do I have to have patients in Healthy Roster for them to schedule an appointment?

Yes, patients must be in Healthy Roster to schedule an appointment

If I have more than one calendar, do I need to set availability and exceptions per calendar?

Yes, you will need to set on each calendar.

Can I set same-day exceptions?

Currently, to set same-day exceptions you will want to type in the date rather than by selecting the calendar. We are working to update to select the calendar as well.

What are the differences/advantages of Kiosk Mode vs Self Scheduling?

Either can be used to accomplish the same task. The scheduling feature is preferable when there is varied scheduling rather than consistent availability intervals for provider users. Kiosk mode is preferable when the ultimate goal is to have a patient "sign-in". In addition, Kiosk Mode will require a device to be locked down, whereas scheduling will require patients to access the URL in a variety of ways.

Is Self Scheduling included for free?

Yes, we are releasing this feature for all customers for free

Detail the process from the patient's perspective:

The patient will access the page via the URL. Next, they will input their First Name, Last Name, and DOB OR Unique ID. They will then select their profile. Next, they will be routed to the schedule and can select their provider and desired time. If documents are requested, they will then be asked to complete their documents. They will lastly input their email to complete the reservation.

What does the Patient appointment schedule?

The patient is creating a non-problem related Encounter/Treatment

What does the Provider need to complete?

The provider must link the Encounter to the problem if it's related. The provider will also want to add the provided services, notes, attachments, etc., as necessary.

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