Datalys - Submitting an Incident Report

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Datalys - Submitting an Incident Report

You DO NOT have to create an event before creating an incident report. However please be aware if you do not create an event for an incident it will not be able to sync over to Datalys.

Please Note: Terminology is different based on your setting, for example, a college setting uses Teams as Organizations and Units as Teams, but the steps are still the same.

Video Tutorial
Step-By-Step Tutorial
  1. Log in to your Healthy Roster account and navigate to the athlete’s profile you are adding an incident report to
  2. Click on the “Incident Reports” tab
  3. Click “Add Incident Report”
  1. Next you will enter in the info for the incident report. Since Datalys is turned on, there are some extra steps within an incident report. 
    1. At the top, after selecting an incident date - you will select the drop down box next to “Associated Event” - this is where you connect your event (game, practice, scrimmage, etc...) to the injury.
  1. Once finished, click “Save Incident Report” at the bottom. 
    1. You also have the option to “Save Incident Report As Draft” and return to finish it later
    2. Also note you can edit an incident report at any time

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