Paid User Seat Count

This helpdoc will help Account Owners understand what a paid user seat consists of and how to get your count. A paid user seat in Healthy Roster will signify the total of two components: Admin Provider Users or provider users assigned to an Organization.

Video Tutorial:

00:00: Hi this is Nikki from healthy roster and this tutorial will show you how to view or adjust your paid user seats within healthy roster keep in mind this accessibility is only available to the account owner or admin provider users now let's review what a paid c means a paid seat will signify the total of two components admin provider users and provider users that are assigned to an organization 00:24: To begin select the admin tab on the left navigation 00:28: If you have not already defaulted to provide your users you can select provider users 00:34: Once your account has reached it's allotted seats you will see an alert such as this you will also be reminded of the total number of paid seats with your contract and directions to contact us if you wish to add more 00:47: In this instance that you're seeing here this account is currently over provider seats we have built in the ability to sort your view when you're looking at your provider users so that you can sort and view via active or inactive if you select active this will signify those that are using a paid seat inactive will show those that are not 01:07: Here are the results of our active provider user sort you will see I have two admin provider users as well as for provider users assigned to the organizations the total active user account is 6 as you can see in the alert this account has three purchased user seats I will need to make adjustments 01:26: There are two options that you have as the account owner or admin provider to adjust your total paid user seats first let's review removing a provider user from an organization select the organizations tab 01:39: Select the three dots to the right of the organization you wish to remove a provider user from 01:45: Now select assign athletic trainers 01:48: Next select the three dots the right of the provider user you wish to remove 01:53: Now select remove user 01:56: Now select ok to confirm the removal of this provider user for this organization if they are no longer listed on any other organizations this provider user will now sort to your inactive list your user account will go down by one continue this flow until your account is flush 02:14: Now let's review the other option for decreasing your active provider user account admin provider users will take a seat whether they are assigned to an organization or not you can revoke admin provider access to decrease the total number of paid seats as well to do so select the three dots to the right of the admin provider user 02:33: Select edit 02:36: You will uncheck the box for is admin 02:39: Click ok to save this adjustment 02:42: You will now see the active listing of your provider users here in this example my account is actually under a provider user seat let's flip on over and now look at the inactive listing 02:52: Here is the view of my inactive provider users as a reminder in active provider users will signify a provider that has an account for your Healthcare organization but is not signed to any organization they will not be able to document in healthy roster rather their access will be a blank shell of the platform this will help ensure that you are not needing to delete provider users and invite them back rather when necessary you can view this listing and assign the providers back to the organization 03:20: If you have questions or need more help please visit the help tab on your left navigation or reach us directly at

Step-By-Step Tutorial:
  1. Select the Admin tab on the left navigation
  2. Select Provider Users
  3. Next, sort the view on your user page by selecting the Sort Icon
  4. Check that only Active are showing
  5. The providers listed here will give you the total number of providers within your account that constitute as a paid user seat
Note: The Account Owner or Admin Provider user is responsible for managing where/when provider users are assigned.

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