Transferring One Healthy Roster Account to Another

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Unfortunately, we cannot transfer information from one Healthy Roster account to another as the data is owned by the Organization entity. Therefore, we are unable to manipulate the data at all. However, there are steps or actions that we frequently recommend to make the transition from one account to the other more seamless.

Video Tutorial:

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Step-By-Step Tutorial:
  1. Within the initial Healthy Roster account, the provider should export clinical summaries for each patient profile. These summaries constitute a thorough compilation of each patient's medical record, essential for seamless integration into the new account
  2. Subsequently, the provider should generate reporting. We recommend utilizing the 'Patient Demographics' dataset, as it furnishes crucial information required for a streamlined bulk upload process in the new account.
Note: This can be done via Organizations or Teams
  1. Once the patient demographics from the initial account have been exported, the provider will proceed to input this information into the bulk import template and subsequently upload the patient data into the new account.
  2. With the patient profiles now successfully transferred to the new account, the provider will proceed to align the clinical summaries with each corresponding patient profile.
Note: We recommend creating a document type that denotes the clinical summary from the previous account. Example: If I was transitioning from an independent school account to a hospital-based system providing Healthy Roster for me, my document type title might be "Healthy Roster HS Documentation."

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