Unarchiving Athletes

Unarchiving Athletes / Patients

While archiving athletes, you'll sometimes make a mistake and archive an athlete that you don't actually want to archive. No need to worry, it's a quick and easy process to unarchive an athlete and bring them back. This tutorial will walk you through the process of unarchiving an athlete. 

Please Note: Terminology is different based on your setting, for example, a clinical setting uses Care Group as Organizations, Patient instead of Athlete, and Visits instead of Treatment, lastly Problems instead of Injuries, but the steps are still the same.

Video Tutorial
Step-By-Step Tutorial
  1. Go to the organization that the archived athlete is located within that you want to bring back.
    1. Note: You need to start within the organization tab. If you go directly to your athletes tab this feature won't show up.
  2. Within the organization's page, go to the Athletes tab and click on Advanced, located on the right-hand side above the athletes list.
  3. Click the checkbox for Include Archived and all of your archived athletes will appear. You don't need to put anything in the graduation year drop-down menu, but you can to sort the list if you know the year that the athlete graduated.
  4. Click on the three vertical dots on the right hand side of the athletes profile and select Unarchive. 
  1. You'll be brought to a confirmation page, click on Submit. That athlete will now show up under your active athletes list.

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