Survey Action Plan Tips & Ticks

Survey Action Plan Tips & Tricks

Step-By-Step Tutorial:
Conditions: Created in order to determine what conditions on the form will warrant a follow up task to be delivered.
  1. Select Criteria: what component on the form
  2. Select the variable:
    1. Is: insert the exact value field that equals
      1. Example: Headache IS 1
    2. Is Not: insert the exact value field from that does not equal
      1. Example: Question: How do you feel today? A. Great B. Not so great C. Terrible D. Hate the world. You want the survey to be critical for any answer but A
    3. Is Not Set: If there is no value set but you want it to complete a triggered response
      1. Example: If you want a survey to always trigger a response to the provider. Hidden fields on the form would be the use case.
  3. Value: the EXACT match of the value on the form that you wish to trigger the response
Follow Up Tasks: Defines the response protocol when a survey response matches the conditions that have been set
  1. Urgency Level: Dictates the degree of severity to the survey response. Here you can chose Normal, Elevated, or Critical
  2. Basic Instructions: Provides instructions to the protocol responder
  3. Contact the Survey Recipient: provides the survey recipients contact information for the survey responder on the response protocol
  1. Complete a Form: prompts the responder to complete a follow up form. Example: PHQ-9 critical response, the provider then should follow up with CSSRS.
  1. Contact the Recipient and Complete a Form: Combines the ability to contact the survey recipient and complete a form in one step
  1. Contact a Person Or Group: provides contact details for a resource for the response protocol
  1. View Recent Results: provides and links for the provider previous survey results for easy viewing
  1. Attach Files: prompts the provider/responder to upload files associated to the survey in question
Automated actions:
  1. SMS Auto Response: Text response that is delivered post patient completing survey. This content should be limited to 140 TOTAL characters.
  1. Notification: Creates a notification to the provider/responder that a survey has been completed and action should follow
  1. Add Problem: upon completion of a critical survey, a problem is auto created to the recipients chart
  1. Set Survey Expiration: Set expiration of survey
  2. Set Status Page: determines the "completion" notification to the Patient. The standard Green Screen will populate, edit only the [UPDATE NAME HERE] text.

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