Sway and Healthy Roster

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Sway and Healthy Roster

Setup: To begin the integration, you will need your HealthCare ID for the account; please reach out to help@healthyroster.com; once you have that, we will inform you of the next steps.

Benefit: This integration is intended to help streamline the process of linking testing results from Sway to Healthy Roster.

Quick Video Overview:

Integration Summary:

  • This integration is offered free of charge through both platforms.
  • This integration has to be approved by the Account Owner of the Healthy Roster account.
  • This is a one-way integration; Sway will not have access to data within Healthy Roster nor will any data be exported out of Healthy Roster into Sway.
  • Sway will be able to deliver documents into Healthy Roster.
  • The integration will look to match the identifiers (Patient First Name, Last Name, and DOB); if a match is identified, the document will be saved to the patient profile. If no match is identified, the Account owner/Admin Providers will be notified and asked to match the document to a profile.
HR Video Tutorial:

00:00: Hi, this is Nikki from healthy roster. And this tutorial will show you our integration with sway. Please note you will need the healthcare ID for other healthy roster account in order to set this up. The account owner. Ultimately will need to approve. This integration is offered for your charge for healthy roster and sway customers alike. In order to help make documentation seamless between platforms. This integration is a one-way transmission from sway where healthy roster will match patient identifiers if healthy roster does not match patient identifiers, the account owner or admin providers will receive a notification to match the data. It is important to note that there is no sharing of data across platforms healthy roster internally will do the matching of data suede does not have access to any information within healthy roster. 00:45: Let's first review a document that has been successfully submitted and matched to a patient profile to begin navigate to the patient profile. 00:54: Once you've navigated to the patient profile select documents. 00:58: Here you will see the successful edition of the document from sway. 01:03: If you click directly on the document name within healthy roster the PDF rendering will open in another browser. 01:10: Conversely you can also select the three dots to the right of the document to download edit or delete. Let's review editing. 01:18: Now you will be able to edit this document here. You can attach document type set an expiration date assign privacy level and input a description. We do recommend inputting a description for this test select. Ok to save 01:33: Now you will be able to see the edits that you've made for this document. 01:37: Now let's review if there is not a match. Account owners or admin provider users will receive the notifications that you see here. Let's click on the notifications tab on the left navigation. 01:49: Here you will see a notification for a missing or ambiguous match. Click on this to download the report. 01:57: Now navigate to the report and view the patient name this will help determine who to associate this document with 02:06: Once you've determined the patient that the document belongs to select the three dots 02:12: Now select assign patient 02:15: Now type the patient's name into the search bar or select the patient from the listing. We have added identifiers to this section to make sure that you are matching the document with the right patient. 02:26: Your document will now be saved to that patient's document tab. You will then receive a notification that the document was imported to the patient profile. 02:33: If you have questions or need more help, please visit the help tab on your left navigation or reach us directly at help@healthyroster.com.

Step-By-Step Tutorial - Viewing a Document:
  1. Navigate to the patient profile
  2. Select Documents
  3. A list of completed documents will now show
  4. Select the three dots to the right of the Sway document; here, you can download, edit, or delete.
If you'd like to note/describe the document in question, select Edit - input a description - save
Step-By-Step Tutorial - Matching a Document with a Patient Profile:
  1. If there is no match with patient identifiers, a notification will be delivered to the Account Owner. Select the Notification icon or Notifications Tab.
  2. Missing or Ambiguous Match of Incoming Message will indicate the need to download and match to a patient profile.
  3. Select the three dots to the right of the notification and select Download
Note: Selecting the notification will auto-download

  1. Open the download to determine the patient
  2. Navigate to the notification page and select the three dots to the right again.
  3. Select Assign Patient
  4. Type the name of the patient or select from the listing.
  5. Your document will then be saved to the patient's document tab; you will then receive a notification that the document was imported to the patient profile.
Need Sway Help? Contact: Support@swaymedical.com

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