Self-Scheduling - Setting Provider Availability

Self-Scheduling - Setting Provider Availability

Coming soon to Healthy Roster 2.0

Once a Calendar is created, providers will need to set their availability independently from one another to show as an available provider on the scheduling page.

Video Tutorial:

00:00: Hi this is Nikki from healthy roster and this tutorial is going to walk you through setting up the provider availability for self scheduling once a calendar has been created all providers will need to set their availability independent from one another in order to show as available on the scheduling page 00:16: To begin select your account setting icon in the upper right hand corner 00:20: Now click on your profile to open your account settings 00:24: Next select availability 00:27: Now click on the availability dropdown here you will see all the calendars that are assigned to the organizations that you are assigned to as a provider in order for you to show as an available provider on the calendar for the patient you will need to set availability per calendar 00:45: To set your specific availability let's select a calendar 00:49: Once you've selected the calendar you will also see the full URL below you can select the copy button to copy and paste or share this URL externally 00:59: To add an availability time slot select the general area on the calendar 01:04: Now input the information for this time slot the start time end time and determine the overbooking limit the default calendar will determine the overbooking limit but you the provider can override that here select ok to add this availability to your calendar 01:21: Continue to repeat that process as necessary to complete your default availability for this calendar 01:27: Now add in any exceptions the options we have are for time off or additional time these exceptions are for instances where your schedule varies from the standard they are not to be considered as standing exceptions rather of one-off instances where you might be away from work or have extra free time to see more patients if necessary this does not warrant the need to change your general availability rather it's an exception 01:52: Here you will see an example of a time off exception I have a start date a start time and an end time select okay to add this exception 02:02: Here you will see an example of an additional time exception we still have the start date the start time the end time and now we're able to add in an overbooking limit select ok to add this exception 02:15: Once you've added your exceptions you will see them listed below you can edit or delete them as appropriate as a note once that time has passed on the exception it will no longer show on this View 02:26: Now that you've set your availability and your exceptions for this calendar you can select save this will now deploy them live to the scheduling link 02:35: If you have questions or need more help please visit the help tab on your left navigation or reach us directly at

Step-By-Step Tutorial:
  1. Select your account setting icon
  2. Select your information to open account settings
  3. Select Availability
  4. Select the Calendar you wish to set availability for
  5. Once you've selected the calendar, you will see its URL below and can directly copy the link to share from this location
  6. To add a timeslot, select the general area on the calendar
  7. Add availability for this timeslot, select OK to add availability
Overbooking is set from the admin provider, if you wish to change the overbooking, your limit will override the calendar set up

  1. Add in any exceptions. Exceptions can be considered "Time Off" or "Additional Time" that varies from your normal schedule. Select OK to add your exception
  2. Set any schedule preferences; this allows the provider the ability to set the view of their own calendar
  3. Select Save to save your availability

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