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Understanding Signatures

00:01: Hi, this is Maggie from healthy roster. And in this video. I'm going to review the signature component from the form Builder. 00:08: Once you've reached your form Builder, you will click the advanced component on the left-hand side. 00:15: To add a signature drag and drop the signature component from the left hand side into the designer section on the right hand side. 00:23: Here once you have dropped the signature component a pop-up for the signature configuration options will appear you will see a label a footnote label the width and height option in a preview example at the bottom under the display component section. I'm going to point out the footnote handle that you can write in that shows underneath the signature box. This will outline who should be signing this signature. I've given the example of student athlete signature and on the next will be the parent or Guardian signature. 00:58: A frequently Asked question we get about signatures on the healthy roster forms is whether or not you can make a signature field required and you can once you have dragged and dropped the signature component and you are inside the configuration section select validation on the top handles of the signature component. 01:19: Up. This page will display the validation settings and at the top here is a checkbox field for required if you'd like this field to be required select this box. 01:31: Once you have completed configuring your signature settings select save. 01:37: I've given the example here of a form requiring two signatures one from the student athlete and one from the parent or Guardian a question. We receive often is can forms be sent off for additional signatures or do all signing parties need to be present. Signatures for the custom form Builder cannot be sent off for additional signatures. Therefore. If you are requesting multiple signatures on a document we recommend that all parties be present during signing. There are a couple more options we give on this help dog. Please see below for these additional options. 02:14: We hope this helps you understand how signatures work within the form Builder. If you have any questions or need to reach our support team, please reach out to us at help at healthier.com.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Can signatures be required?

Yes, signature can now be set as required.

  1. Can forms be sent off for additional signatures, or do all signing parties need to be present?

Signatures for the custom form builder cannot be sent for additional signatures. Therefore, if you are requesting multiple signatures on a document we'd recommend using one of three options below:

  • Ensuring that all parties are present while the document is being completed and signing at the same time
  • Having the parent or student athlete print the document once completed, sign the paper version, and upload/scan the signed document again
  • Create a new form using the template "Affidavit of Parental Consent for Student Athlete to Complete Required Documents on their Behalf". This will release the responsibility of the parent to sign documents in the presence of their child.

  1. Where do I put the label for the signature?

The footer will provide the description of who is intended to sign in the signature box, and is located in the editing tool of the signature component.

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