SFTP Integration - Sending a CCDA File

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How to Send a CCDA File

NOTE: This feature is available as an Upgrade to your Healthy Roster account. Please chat with us on this page to learn more or go to Healthy Roster Integrations

This tutorial shows you how to use your SFTP integration on the web platform to send clinical summaries to your internal hospital EMR.

Please Note: Terminology is different based on your setting, for example, a clinical setting uses Care Group as Organizations, Patient instead of Athlete, and Visits instead of Treatment, lastly Problems instead of Injuries but the steps are still the same.

Step-By-Step Tutorial
  1. Sign in to your Healthy Roster account and go to the athletes / patients profile
  2. Click on the “Send Clinical Summary” button
  3. Choose your integration option within the dropdown.
  4. You can select any injury, treatment / visit, or document you want to send associated with that athlete / patient.
  5. Follow prompts to select what you would like sent and select “Send Clinical Summary”

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