Background Questions

Background Questions

Background Questions are used throughout Healthy Roster (particularly in Treatments and Incident Reports) as a way for athletic trainers to add more specific information regarding to an athlete’s injury. This can then be used in various Reports to help you have a better understanding of how and why injuries are occurring.

A large number of Background Questions are pre-loaded into your Healthy Roster account. None of them are marked as mandatory. You can access them by going to Admin and then Background Questions. From there, you can see all of the pre-loaded Background Questions and add your own by selecting “+ Add Background Question.”

We recommend making at least one Background Question mandatory so you can start to understand how they can help you discover insights. A good one to start with is “Activity.” This query shows what the athlete was doing when injured, i.e. at practice, at a game, etc.

Creating New Background Questions

Editing Background Questions

Customizing Background Questions

Creating and Assigning a Group of Background Questions

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