Healthy Roster is a certified as a Datalys Center compatible EMR, if you'd like to participate please view: Datalys-Sports Injury Research to get started

Once we turn on datalys for your account you will notice changes throughout to help you collect the necessary information. We will turn on background questions for Incident Reports, as well as background questions for events.

The background questions for these sections host requested information directly from Datalys. We only set "was there a concussion" on the incident report as required per their recommendation. The reason being- if you don't want to send that specific injury/condition to Datalys, you don't need to complete all the background questions. If you plan to send the injury to Datalys, you will want to answer all associated background questions, otherwise Datalys will ask you to completed it and resubmit the data.
Changes you will note:
  • Events: You will now want to answer the Event Details portion of your event creation
  • Injury Creation: You will need to select a Datalys Injury Code for your injuries.
If you have previous injuries that you intend to send prior to Datalys being turned on for your account, you will need to go back and add the Datalys Injury Code

  • Incident Report: Background questions will now trigger for datalys, we recommend completing all fields on incident report creation but you can always edit the incident report and add them if necessary.
As a note- we will update the questions annually in accordance with the information Datalys provides us with.

Once all data is collected submission can process, follow Submitting to Datalys or Submitting an Incident Report to Datalys

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