How to Reach the Help Desk

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How to Reach the Help Desk

This tutorial will show you how to reach the Help Desk, get live help, and stay updated with our status page.

Video Tutorial:

00:00: Hi, this is Nikki from healthy roster. 00:02: This tutorial will show you all the ways that you can reach us at the help desk get 00:06: Live help and stay up to date with our status page as a note. 00:10: If you are a current customer, we do recommend that you reach out to us directly at the helpdesk 00:14: in order to facilitate the need or the ask in the most timely fashion. 00:19: The first option is to navigate within your Healthy roster platform from 00:24: your left navigation select the help tab. 00:27: Once on the help tab, you can search your topic of Interest. 00:32: You then can select from relevant help talks. 00:34: If you click on the help doc. It will open that item directly in your web browser. 00:40: If you do not find any relevant help docs or you'd rather speak to us directly 00:44: scroll to the bottom of this page and select submit ticket. 00:50: A modal box will now populate where you will input the information for your help ticket. 00:54: Begin with a subject next select your issue type. 00:57: This could be a general question or a bug. 01:01: Next input a description we do recommend being as detailed as possible within 01:05: your description as that helps us diagnose and manage your issue as 01:09: quickly as possible. 01:12: Select okay to submit your ticket to the help desk. 01:16: Another option available to you is to visit our help Doc Page. 01:20: Healthy roster that helped will navigate you to our library of 01:25: training materials. You can search through relevant information or you 01:29: can contact us directly from this page. 01:32: To contact us directly from the help docs page select contact in the upper 01:36: right hand corner. 01:39: A modal box will now populate where you will input your contact information as 01:43: well as the description for your issue or question. 01:48: Select send to submit your help to the help desk. 01:53: The last way to reach us by submitting a help ticket is to email us directly. 01:59: To email us directly email help at healthy 02:03: Again, we do recommend being as detailed. 02:06: It's possible in your email body. 02:09: We do also offer customer webinars. 02:11: If you are a provider user you are able to register for one of our 02:15: upcoming webinars navigate to our help doc platform and most often 02:19: under top articles. You will see upcoming webinars. 02:22: You can also search this in the search bar. 02:26: You will let me navigate it to the webinar help doc select register here to 02:30: navigate directly to the registration page for the specific webinar. 02:33: Our webinars rotate monthly. 02:35: They will not always be available on certain days of each month to join. 02:40: He will then input your information to officially register for the webinar. 02:45: First name last name and email address are required Fields as well as your 02:49: organization. We do require your organization so that we can verify that 02:53: you are a current customer. We also do ask that you input what features 02:57: or questions you would like covered during this session so that we can be better prepared prior 03:01: to launching the webinar for all customers. 03:04: If you'd like to stay up to date with a status of our platform, whether it's running at 03:08: its Optimal Performance, or if we have a few slowdowns, you can navigate to The Help 03:12: docs platform and select HR status page in the upper right hand corner. 03:18: He will now see the status page. If you'd like to be kept up-to-date 03:22: with the status of our platform select subscribe to updates. 03:28: You will then input your email address and select subscribe via email. 03:33: When our system is less than operational you will then receive a notification from 03:38: this status page. 03:40: If you have additional questions or need more help, please visit the help tab on 03:44: the left navigation or reach us directly at help at healthy

Option 1: The Help Tab
  1. Select the help tab from the left navigation
  2. In the search bar, search for your topic of interest
  3. Relevant training materials will then populate; you can click directly on the item to navigate to the training material
  4. You can also scroll to the bottom of the page and select Submit Ticket
  1. Input the information for your help ticket.
  1. Select OK to submit your help ticket
Option 2: Helpdocs

Our Helpdoc platform will house all of our training tutorials that you are welcome to work through on your own, you are also able to submit a help ticket though this platform

  1. Navigate to our Helpdoc Platform to explore or search our robust training library

  1. To submit a ticket, select Contact
  1. Input the information for your help ticket
  1. Select Send to submit your help ticket
Option 3: Email
  1. Email us directly at
Option 4: Customer Webinars

We host weekly webinars for customers where you can register and get live help or feedback from our Customer Success Team. These webinars are for active customers, more specifically provider users

  1. From our helpdoc platform, search Webinars or select Upcoming Webinars from our top article listing
  2. Select Register Here to register for a webinar
  3. Input the necessary information to register for the webinar
Option 5: Healthy Roster Status Page

If you'd like to stay up to date with the operational status of our platform, register to subscribe to updates

  1. From our helpdoc platform, select HR Status Page
  2. Select Subscribe To Updates
  3. Input your email and select Subscribe Via Email

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