Injury Reports by Organization or Team

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Injury Report By Organization or Team

Injury reports can be pulled a few different ways depending on your need and your set up within Healthy Roster. From the Reports tab you can extrapolate a injury report via organization or team.

Please Note: Terminology is different based on your setting, for example, a clinical setting uses Care Group as Organizations, Patient instead of Athlete, and Visits instead of Treatment, lastly Problems instead of Injuries, but the steps are still the same.
Please Note: These reports update overnight. If you need an live report with current information, we suggest the Active Injury Report
Step-By-Step Tutorial:
  1. Select Reports
  2. From the drop down select the desired report:
    1. Organization Injury Report:
    1. Organization Injury Detailed Report:
    2. Team Injury Report:
  3. Once you've selected the proper report, you can now export your file to edit and share

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