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How to Upload/Scan a Document

The Healthy Roster platform enables users to upload documents or even scan a document right into their account. In this tutorial, we'll cover how to upload or scan a new document into the website using your mobile device.

Video Tutorial

00:00: Hi, this is Lindsey with Healthy Roster, and today I'm going to show you how to upload or scan a document using your mobile device. 00:07: After logging into the Healthy Roster app, navigate to your patient profile and select the Documents tab. 00:14: From here, you can select your document from the missing document section, or you can select the plus button to choose a document type from a drop-down menu. If you select a document from the missing document section, you'll be redirected straight to the list of choices to upload the document. If you select the plus button, you will first navigate to the following screen to designate which document type you will be uploading. 00:35: If you've chosen the plus button to upload a document you will be directed to this screen to choose a document type enter a file name and enter description of the document if needed. If you've chosen a document from the missing document section some of this information will populate for you. You can still make edits to the screen if you've chosen the document from the missing document section. 00:56: Next you'll see options for how to get your document uploaded into healthy roster. We recommend using the scan document with camera option as this provides the most Clarity and allows for multiple pages to be added to the document. Choosing this option will bring you to your device's camera to capture the document. The camera options will look different for each device, but make sure to save from the camera to proceed. You'll know this step is complete when the document disappears from the missing documents section or when you see that document within the patient's uploaded documents header. 01:27: If you have questions or need more help, please visit the Help tab on the left navigation or reach us directly at

Step-By-Step Tutorial - Scanning a Required (Missing) Document
  1. Within the Healthy Roster app, go to your patient profile and click on the Documents Tab
  1. Tap a document from the Missing Documents section that you're ready to scan and upload.
  2. Choose from the list of options to upload your document to Healthy Roster. The 'Scan Document With Camera' will be the best option for taking an image of your document and uploading it to the athlete profile.
  • Note: the option to 'Complete Form' will only appear on the list if the document has a fillable form attached.
  1. Scan Document With Camera will launch your camera. If it's the first time using this feature, it will ask to allow permission to access your camera; you will want to Accept that. Frame the camera around the form that you're trying to scan and click on the shutter button circle at the bottom. You may take images of multiple pages when choosing this option.
  2. The completed images will appear in the bottom left hand corner - you'll then have the option to retake the image from this screen. Click Save when done scanning.
  3. The file will then upload and save to the patient profile. You'll know when it's done if the document is no longer in the Missing Documents section, or if you see the document listed in Uploaded Documents.

Scanning a Document for Upload (Not in Missing/Required Documents)
  1. 1. If you need to upload a Doctor's note or another document that isn't listed under your Required Documents section, click on the + symbol in the top right corner of the documents section.

  1. Select the appropriate Document Type from the drop down menu. Alternatively, you may choose "Other" and then enter a File Name for the document.
  2. Edit Privacy Settings, Expiration Date, and Description (if applicable) and then select "Next."
  3. Choose Scan Document With Camera, frame the document you are trying to scan and take the photo. 
  4. After taking the photo you'll have the option to retake the image, add a second page, or click Save when done scanning. Choose whichever one you need. The file will then upload and process. 
  5. Once the document is uploaded, you'll have the opportunity to pick who can see the uploaded document. Choose custom if you want to limit some people from seeing the document. After you're satisfied with the settings, click on Save from the top right corner. 

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