Transitioning Multiple Patients from one Organization to Another

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Transitioning Multiple Patients from one Organization to Another

At times, you may need to transition a group of patients from one organization to another; this tutorial will walk you through best practices in that instance. An example where this may come into play would be if you need to transition a middle school student to a high school organization.

Note: This action must be completed by the admin provider User or a provider assigned to both organizations.
Video Tutorial:

00:00: Hi, this is Nikki from healthy roster. This tutorial is going to walk you through the process 00:04: of transitioning your roster subsets from one organization to another within 00:08: your Healthy roster platform a good example where this may come into play would 00:12: be if you need to transition participants at a middle school to the high school 00:16: organization, as a note this action does need to be completed by the Admin 00:20: provider user or a provider that's assigned to both organizations. 00:26: To begin, we will navigate to the reporting tab. 00:30: Next you will generate your report that is using the dataset patient 00:34: demographics. If you don't have this report, you will need to create it and 00:38: can follow along with additional tutorials. 00:41: Because the intent of this report is to extrapolate your patient subset out of one 00:45: organization and into the other we will select the organization that houses 00:49: our subset currently. 00:52: You will see here on my example. My organization is healthy middle school 00:56: once ready select run. 01:00: That your report has generated. You will want to apply a filter. 01:05: I will be using graduation year as my filter. 01:07: The reason being my 8th graders have a graduation year of 01:11: 2028. I can filter that information easily select 01:16: the three dots. 01:17: Now select filter 01:20: The value box. I'm going to type the year that I'd like to filter the Spy 2028 01:24: is again my filter year. 01:28: Your patient demographic report will now only show those patients with the graduation 01:32: year of your filter now select export. 01:37: Now that you have your subset of patients exported. 01:41: You can take that information and input it within your bulk import template. 01:45: You will see here. My patient demographic report. 01:48: I'm going to copy first name last name and date of birth that information. 01:52: I will then paste accordingly in the correct location on my bulk import CSV 01:57: file. Make sure you save your CSV file then appropriately. 02:02: Except will be to import your bulk import to the new organization. 02:06: Select the organizations tab on the left navigation and navigate to the appropriate 02:10: organization. I'm going to select healthy roster High. 02:15: Now select the add new drop-down. 02:18: Select import patients 02:21: Upload your file and check the boxes if you'd like to send invitations or 02:25: if you've received prior authorization to share Phi so let okay. 02:31: Because your patients already exists within another organization, you will need to 02:35: confirm by selecting the plus button to add them to this organization. 02:40: The last step will be removing these patients from the original organization 02:44: select. The organizations tab on the left navigation. 02:48: Now select the initial organization. Mine was healthy Middle School. 02:54: Now we will want to apply our filter from the patient's tab select 02:58: graduation. 03:00: I would like to filter out my patients with the graduation year of 2028. 03:05: He will now see the listing of all of your patients with the 2028 graduation year 03:09: select the add new drop-down. 03:13: Now select archive patients 03:16: You will now need to confirm the archive. 03:18: You can also check the box or uncheck the box. 03:20: If you'd like to delete pending invitations select. 03:23: Okay when you're ready to Archive.

Step-By-Step Tutorial:
  1. Navigate to your reporting tab
  2. Run reporting for Patient Demographics by organization or team
Note: If you do not have a Patient Demographics report, you must make one. Follow along with Creating a New Report for assistance, use the data source "Patient Demographics"
  1. Select the Organization you wish to pull patients from as the Organization, select Run
  2. Navigate to Graduation Year and select the three dots to the right
  3. Select Filter
  4. Type in the Value you wish to extrapolate. Example: 2028 will be the graduation year I would like to transition over.
  5. Export the report
  6. Use the exported report to create your bulk import for these patients. First Name, Last Name, and DOB are all you will need on the bulk import
  7. Now navigate to the organization that these patient will be going into
  8. Select Add New/Import Patients
  9. Click to add your import or drag and drop it appropriately. Select is you'd like to send invitations, and if you've received prior authorization to share PHI, select OK to add your roster subset to the new organization
    Note: Duplicates will not be made by completing this action
    Note: The problem status will remain with the organization in which it was created. If an injury needs to be progressed at this point, the new organization will need to update the injury status
  10. Now that your patients are within their new organization, you will want to archive them from the previous organization. Navigate to the initial organization that these patients were housed in
  11. Filter the patient listing by graduation year
  12. Select the Add New drop-down and then select Archive Patients
  13. Confirm the archival of these patients

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