Self Scheduling - How to Schedule an Appointment

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Self Scheduling - How to Schedule an Appointment

Video Tutorial:

00:00: Hi this is Nikki from healthy roster and this tutorial will show you how to schedule an appointment from the patient perspective on self-scheduling 00:09: The patient will input their information on the scheduling homepage first name last name and date of birth is one option 00:16: The other option is the input a unique ID 00:20: No matter the route taken once our system matches information to the existing patient profile the patient will be alerted they will select continue to advance 00:29: You will now see a seven day listing of the schedule you can tab left or right to view different dates if the patient is scheduling an appointment in an organization where there is more than one provider but they want to schedule specifically with one provider select any available provider 00:46: This will open up a drop-down of all providers that are assigned and active on this calendar select the provider you wish to schedule with 00:55: Now select the desired time to schedule your appointment 00:58: Next confirm the desired time slot by selecting the provider's name 01:03: If there are requested documents to complete your registration you will select add complete each document as appropriate 01:11: Once your documents are complete select continue 01:15: Lastly input your email address to deliver a confirmation of your scheduled appointment 01:21: Select finish and schedule 01:24: You will now see a confirmation and a completion note from your provider select home to navigate back to the scheduling homepage 01:33: If you have questions or need more help please visit the help tab on the left navigation or reach us directly at

Step-By-Step Tutorial:
  1. Navigate to the Scheduling webpage
  2. You may be asked to input your First Name, Last Name and DOB, or your Provider Issued Identification Number (Unique ID). This information must match what your provider has input on your patient profile.

  1. Select Search
  2. If there is a profile match, your name will pull below the search bar, select Continue
  3. Select the date range for your desired appointment, as well as select your desired provider. The default will be set to "Any Available Provider." If there is more than one provider available, you can select a specific provider if you wish.
  4. Scroll down to view available timeslots
  5. To select a timeslot select it, you will then be required to confirm the time and provider by clicking on the provider
  6. If required documents are requested to complete the scheduling process, complete them accordingly by selecting "add"
  7. Once your documents are complete select Continue
  8. Input your email and select Fishing and Schedule to complete your appointment scheduling
  9. You will then be routed to a confirmation page with an email confirmation of the scheduled appointment. Select Home to navigate back to the scheduling page

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