Locked Out of Your Account

Updated by Amelia Boyer

I am Locked Out of My Account

If you have been locked out of your Healthy Roster account, it will only last for 15 minutes. After that time period, you may try to log in again.

If you are having trouble with your security questions, here are some tips that should help:

  • Be sure to answer that question the way you first answered it. For example, if you chose a Street name (Main vs Main St.). Subtle differences will be an incorrect response. Do not include any extra spaces/characters.
  • Each time a security question is answered wrong, it then pops up with a different question. Sometimes people just try and answer that second question with the first question's answer.
  • Try adding a space after your answer.

If you take the above steps and are still having trouble logging in, let us know using the chat box on this page, and we can take some steps to reset your account.

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