Form Builder - Auto-Mapping Patient Demographics

Auto-Mapping Patient Demographic Information

Auto-Mapping pre-populates your athlete or patient demographics when they are completing the form. When creating your own form, the steps below will allow you to auto-map these fields for your athlete/patient's convenience. When selecting from our templates, most of these fields will already be auto-mapped, but you will be able to edit as necessary. The fields that we will not auto-map for the templates are the organizations/teams that the athlete/patient belongs to - those can be edited to pre-populate when selecting from our templates.
Step-By-Step Tutorial - Auto-Mapping (using athlete's name as example)

1. Inside the form builder, drag and drop "Text Field" into the form.

2. Type "Name" in the Label field

3. Select "Data" - at the top of this, click the drop down underneath "Pre-populated Data Fields"

4. You will see a list of options that can be auto-mapped to this field when the athlete is completing the form. Select "Athlete Full Name"

5. To the right, you will see a preview of the Text Field you have created, click "Save" when finalized

6. When the athlete is completing the form, it will appear with their full name pre-populated in the Name field.

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