Running an Existing Report

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Reporting - Running an Existing Report -2.0

We've built default reporting based on our most common reporting data sets.

Missing your favorite report? Follow along with 2.0 Reporting - Existing Reports vs Legacy Reports to narrow down where to start in building your report
Video Tutorial:

00:01: Hi this is Maggie from healthy roster and in this video I'm going to show you how to run an existing report in 2.0 00:09: To begin select the reporting tab on your left hand navigation 00:14: This will take you to the list of our default reports you can either click the three dots to the right and select open or click directly on the report that you would like to run 00:26: It's time to select your parameters for the report start by clicking your date range 00:32: Next select the organizations that you would like to run the report for it defaults to all but you can select one or multiple with this drop-down menu 00:44: Repeat this step for team IDs if needed 00:49: Finally click run 00:53: And here is the output for your report from here you can make further edits we will have other help docs addressing how to do so 01:02: Lastly if you would like to export this to a CSV file click the export button in the top right hand corner 01:10: And now you know how to run an existing report if you have any further questions or need support please reach us at help at

Step-By-Step Tutorial:
  1. Select the Reporting tab
  2. Click on the desired report or click on the three dots to the right of the report and select Open
  3. Set the parameters for your report
Note:  If toggled off, the report will show entities (treatments/problems/etc.) that were created BEFORE the patient was in the organization
  1. Select Run
  2. You can now manipulate your report as desired
  3. To export your report, select the export button. The report will then download as an excel document.

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