Download Clinical Summary

Downloading a Clinical Summary

Step-By-Step Tutorial
  1. Select the athlete you wish to download the clinical summary for
  2. Select Send Clinical Summary
  1. Select the delivery method
    1. Download as a PDF: Generate a downloadable PDF that you can send or store however you see fit
    2. Send to your linked External Health Record: We can send a C-CDA (standard clinical summary document) to any external EHR. This is helpful for streamlining care communication between doctors and providers working remotely.
    3. Send via eFax: Send a clinical summary directly via fax message. This can be sent to any fax number including insurers, doctors, or any other entity who might need the information.
      * If you are interested is learning more about linking to External Health Records or utilizing eFax email
  1. Once you have selected your delivery method a new box will appear below with three tabs to review, the first being Injuries. Select/Select All injuries you wish to be on the clinical summary. Once completed select Next.
    1. As a note for injuries/treatments/documents to populate to the clinical summary, you must have an incident report tied to the injury. Also, only injuries with a selected Snomed code are eligible to be sent.
    2. If you chose to "Select All" this will include the injury as well as the Notes: SOAP Notes and Other Notes. If you individually select the item's and still wish to include the SOAP Notes and Other Notes you will have to open the drop down and select what you'd like to include.
  2. Select/Select All treatments you wish to be included, once completed select Next
  1. Select all documents you would like to send. Complete selection by selecting Send Clinical Summary
The supported document types for clinical export as well as eFax are: PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF. If using a different file form, you will need to convert these to a supported type in order to send.
  1. Based upon your "send to" method your Clinical summary will now populate.

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