Creating New Background Questions

Creating New Background Questions

Step-by-step - Admin Only Feature
  1. Log in to your Healthy Roster account and click on the “Admin” tab on your left navigation bar
  2. Click on the down arrow next to “Background Questions”
  3. Click on “Questions”
  4. Click “Create New Question

  1. Fill out information needed (Prompt, Placeholder, Question Type)
    1. “Prompt” is where you will type out your question
    2. Placeholder - is a description of the action ex: “enter weight in lbs. here”
    3. Question Type - (Select Menu, Text, Whole Number, Decimal Number, Date, Date and Time)
      1. Select what type you would like the question to be displayed
      2. You can manipulate different options within the type you choose
  2. Click on “Create Question”

Allow free form text - letting the user type in more than what the recorded value is. Yes = yes and No = no. Or coding - Think of ICD10 codes or CPT codes - you might put the value as the description, but the recorded value will be the actual code. You will select the 'allow free form text' if you have another value listed such as 'other' or if you would like to user to have the option to comment on their answer

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