Sending Clinic Data

Sending Clinic Data

When you link Healthy Roster with your internal EHR it allows you to send data stored or created within Healthy Roster to your EHR. This means you can share with the doctors who will be treating your patients your incident reports and other information regarding the injury to better improve their care. 

Video Tutorial

Step-By-Step Tutorial
  1. Go to the athlete's / patient's profile that you want to send information for and click on the 'SEND TO ATHENA' button
  2. Select the recorded injuries that you want to send to the EHR from the list and then click on 'NEXT'.
  3. Select the treatments from the list that you want to send to the EHR and then click the 'NEXT' button to continue. 
  4. On the last tab, you can select any of your loaded documents to send to the EHR. Select the ones that you want to include in the Clinical Summary Report and then click on 'SEND Clinical SUMMARY'.
  5. The information logged in Healthy Roster will now be available within Athena for the doctor or specialist to review and reference during the follow-up service. 

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