Managing Notifications FAQ

Managing Notifications

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. How are notifications received?
  2. As a Provider User in Healthy Roster, what activity will send me a Notification?
  3. Why can't I "Mark all as Read"?
  4. Who else receives notifications for my athletes?
  5. How do I know if a User has seen a notification?
  6. How can I help others manage their notifications?
  7. What happens when I click on "Clear Alerts"?
  8. How do I turn off notifications?

How are Notifications Received?
  • Notifications are sent via email and/or “push” notification to your mobile device. 
  • Email Notifications:
    • Click on the link in the email to view it. You may need to log in before seeing the contents. If you do not want to receive email notifications, you can turn them off by visiting the “Edit Profile” section in the top right corner of the website while logged in. Scroll down to the Notifications section and un-click the box to turn them off. On the website, click on the NOTIFICATIONS tab on the vertical menu on the left-hand side and select the one you want to view. 
      If you have new Notifications that have not been read yet, they will also appear on the home page of the website (Dashboard) so extra attention is called to them. Once those Notifications are clicked on, they will move to the “All Notifications” list and will no longer appear on the Dashboard page. 
  • Push Notifications (app only):
    • These can be opened by swiping right to left. You may need to log into the app to view the contents. You can turn these off in the Notification section of your phone’s settings. In the App, tap on the NOTIFICATIONS tab on the horizontal menu at the bottom of the screen.
      Notifications that are prompted by others (Providers, Users) will appear as New Notifications, while your own entries will appear under “All Notifications”. Once a New Notification is tapped on, it moves to the ALL tab.

As a Provider User in Healthy Roster, what activity will send me a Notification?
  • Notifications are sent when there is activity for an athlete that you are associated with. Certain actions will send a notification, while others do not. 
  • The following actions will send notifications to other Providers and Users (parents, adult athletes, coaches).
    • All activity on the Injuries tab (new Injuries, status updates, comments on injury timelines)
    • Document uploads that are NOT assigned to a document type. If the document is an assigned/required document, AT’s will receive a “Document Summary Report” that will include all document activity for a day, a week, or month. The frequency of this report can be controlled in the Notifications section in the “Edit Profile” area. 
    • Document reminders – if the document type is required, needs attention or is missing. 
    • Creation of a Follow Up Service
  • The following actions can only be completed by a Provider and will NOT send a notification…
    • Incident Reports/SOAP Notes (unless a new Injury is created from within an Incident Report)
    • Treatments
    • If you utilize the eFax feature, incoming faxes will appear as a notification. This will include a link to download the incoming eFax.

Why can’t I “Mark all as Read”?
  • Since every action that is taken in Healthy Roster needs to be able to be time-stamped for auditing and liability, we cannot create a “mark all as read” button as we would technically be marking something as read when you haven’t actually viewed it. For your protection as a HIPAA compliant health care provider, we have to require you to actually click-tap on every notification that is marked as Unread.

Who else receives Notifications for my athletes?
  • The “Care Circle” for an athlete is who will receive notifications. Click on “Manage Care Circle” for an athlete to view the recipient list.
  • If a Coach is assigned to a team, they will only receive notifications for the athletes that they have permission to view. For example, if an athlete (or their parent/guardian if the athlete is under 18) has not yet joined Healthy Roster and therefore has not yet given permission to share their info with a coach, this coach will NOT receive a notification, other than a status update. Once a Primary User joins and gives permissions to share their info – more Notifications will be received.

How do I know if a User has seen a Notification?
  • Notifications for your own entries will appear on the ALL NOTIFICATIONS list, so you have a direct link to the contents. To separate UnRead Notifications from those that you have already seen, simply click/unclick on the checkbox at the top right that says "Unread Notifications Only"
  • Read receipts are available for comments on Injuries, simply click on “Seen By” in the conversation box in the Injury Timeline to see who viewed it, and when. 

How can I help others manage their Notifications?
  • Users at the Organization level (Athletic Directors, School Nurse, Coaches) can manage which organizations they do/do not receive notifications for. When a User is logged in, they can view the settings by clicking on the 3 dots to the right of the Org. 

What happens when I click on “Clear Alerts”?
  • For Documents that are expired, there is a “Clear Alerts” button that Providers may click on to override the expiration date for each specific document. If Alerts are cleared, the expiration date will go unchanged, but the categorization of the document will be changed from “Document Requiring Attention” to “Uploaded Documents” and the alert icon will no longer appear when viewing the list of Documents. 

  • The “Clear Alerts” feature can only be used by the Provider (AT, Physicians, etc.) and not by a User (Parent, Adult Athlete, Coach,etc.). Once a document has its’ alert cleared, it cannot be restored unless a new replacement document has been uploaded with an expiration date. 

How do I turn off notifications?
  • To turn off notifications on the Web platform, from your homepage on the upper right corner click "edit profile" under your username. Scroll down to "Notification Settings". Here you can select your notification preference for "Document Summary Report Frequency" as well as disable injury email notifications.

  • To turn off notifications for the App, in your phone settings select the Healthy Roster app. Click on Notifications and change the toggle to allow or not allow notifications.

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