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How to Select a Module Type within a Course

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There are three Modules types to choose from for a Course. Content, Assessment, or Surveys. These are three different approaches to take to build a course for your athletes or providers. Please note: Survey Modules are not functional unless the Surveys feature has been turned on for a Healthcare Provider.

The Content module is an area you can use to customize via video links as well as text

  1. Select Content from the drop down listing
  2. Name your content module
  3. Select if you wish to include a Video Source (YouTube or Vimeo) or Video URL Link you will do that next
  4. Next add your text content.
Depending on your formatting needs you may want to reference Markdown
  1. Select Return To Course
  2. Select Update Course to save your course

This section is used for any questions or quizzes you'd like your audience to take within a course

  1. Select Assessment
  2. Name your assessment
  3. Select Add Question
  4. Add your question first
  5. Insert options for your question answers. To add more options select Add Option you will also want to select the checkbox for the correct answer
  6. Add a Hint to your question. This will generate once the user has selected the wrong answer and hit submit on their assessment. They then can select the correct response until they get it right.
  7. Select Return To Assessment to continue adding questions
  8. Select Return To Course
  9. Select Update Course to save your course
Surveys are only functional if the survey feature has been activated for your account.
  1. Select Survey from the drop down listing
  2. Select Next
  3. Select the Survey you wish to send from the drop down listing. The title will auto-populate, you can change the title of the survey if you wish
  4. Select Return To Course
  5. Select Update Course to save your course

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