Adding Athletes / Patients (Individual)

Individually Adding an Athlete / Patient

There are a few different ways to add Athletes / Patients in Healthy Roster. You can bulk upload an entire roster using the web platform, or create athletes / patients individually on the web or the mobile app. This tutorial will walk you through how to individually create an athlete / patient in Healthy Roster.

Please Note: Terminology is different based on your setting, for example, a clinical setting uses Care Group as Organizations, Patient instead of Athlete, and Visits instead of Treatment, lastly Problems instead of Injuries, but the steps are still the same.
Provider Only Feature. If you are a parent/guardian of multiple athletes and are not connected to all of them in Healthy Roster, please contact your childrens’ athletic trainer to add the other child to your account.
Video Tutorial

Step-By-Step Tutorial - Web
  1. Click on Organizations / Care Groups in the left-side navigation and then choose the Organization you’ll be adding athletes to. From there, you can also go to a specific Team if you have one team’s roster.
  2. If you’re adding the athlete / patient to the Organization / Care Group, click on “Athletes” / “Patients”
    1. Then “Add Athletes” / "Add Patients"
  3. If you’re linking the athlete to a team, click on “Create Athletes”
    1. Note: The following steps are only necessary in a sports setting

  1. In Teams, click on “Create Athletes”
  2. Type in the athlete’s information (name and birthdate is required)
    1. Follow the link to learn how to input an international number
  3. Click “Create New Athlete” at the bottom of the page

NOTE: If you have received prior written authorization to share the athlete’s PHI, you can check the box that states “I HAVE RECEIVED PRIOR AUTHORIZATION TO SHARE THIS ATHLETE'S PERSONAL HEALTH INFORMATION VIA HEALTHY ROSTER.” Otherwise, do not check that box and the athlete or parent/guardian can give permission when they log into Healthy Roster for the first time.

Step-By-Step Tutorial - App
Adding an Athlete / Patient on the App

  1. Click on your “Athletes” / "Patients" tab on the bottom left of your screen
  2. Click the “+” in the top right hand corner of your screen
    Tap the “+” in the top right-hand corner of the screen to add a new athlete
  3. Enter the athlete’s / patients information (name, birthdate, and organization required)
    Add Athlete Screen
  4. Click “Add Athlete” / ."Add Patient" at the bottom of the page

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